When Pastor Gerri was praying in the Holy Ghost I really strongly felt the interpretation. I felt God just praying forth the following. He says. ‘Let this be a place of My power, let this be a place of My prayer, let this be a place of My divine will and He says that the times are over for playing church. He says the times have now come to step up and take your place in the Body because He says He does not want a sleeping Body but a Body that is awake. In night times and during the morning and in the daytime, He wants us to be awake. He wants us to step into the place that He has purposed for us. He says that the time of playing church is over. So many churches have fallen asleep and He says wake up now.’ And I really felt strongly that through the Spirit, it was just proclaiming that this is going to be a place of My power and a place where miracles happen. This will be a place will prisoners will be set free and where homeless people will walk in and they will leap for joy and say that this is the house of the Lord for this is where the power of the Lord is. And I believe that this will be a place of God’s power for He has said that He has chosen this house. He says if you treat is like it’s supposed to be then you will only see more and more increase in miracles, increase in finances, increase in the building, increase in everything that you’re doing because He says that My hand is upon you and when you take your place in the Body, He says I will work out what I’ve started in this place.


The Holy Spirit showed me a stream of water. A big river flowing into a flat plain and as it hit the rivers is